X-treme Synergy Fastpitch is a non-profit Michigan organization.  It exists to achieve the mission described above. We have dedicated our organization to best fit the needs of the athletes as they develop and grow.  Our coaching staff instructs our athletes on fundamental mechanics, strategies, proper attitude and to embrace sportsmanship, competitiveness, and teamwork.  We strive to field a competitive team. 

Our team will participate in league play, local weekend tournaments, and national tournaments if given the opportunity. Travel ball is an essential opportunity for the development of a young softball player.  It offers year round training and competition opportunities not seen in recreation ball. 

X-treme Synergy Fastpitch provides each player the opportunity to perfect her skills through our year round training program.  We have a beautifully maintained outdoor field located in St. Clair, along with an off season indoor training facility complete with a batting cage and weight training/conditioning room located in China Twp.  We take great pride and joy in the privilege of helping the girls grow and succeed.

Our roster size is minimized because we recognize the importance of playing time during games.  Each athlete is given as much personal attention as possible because, aside from natural talent, the big difference seen between players at this level is the amount of attention they received at earlier stages in development. 

The success of our organization will be the result of dedicated players and parents. In addition, we have received support from local businesses which sponsored our team which enables us to achieve many of our goals.  We wish to take this opportunity to thank them and urge our players to return the favor by visiting these businesses and supporting them.

As you decide which organization is best for your fastpitch softball player, we hope you recognize the benefits of X-treme Synergy Fastpitch.  We are confident in our offering of a competitive learning environment, dedication to individual development, and the satisfaction received from being a welcomed and valued team member.